Thursday, August 20, 2009

Fashion Illustrations 7

I'm currently doing this skeleton figurine as a series :)
Some of the clothes are from designers, the ones that I personally like of course,

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Buavita TVC

This is my first TV shoot as wardrobe stylist :)
The first director who had the guts to hire me was Lukitasari.
I was a new stylist with no experience at all on TV production, just recently resigned from agency with only a few photo shoot jobs as a stylist.
It was a great learning and thank you so much Luk for daring to hire me! hahahaha

Pond's Teen Concert TVC 1

There were 12 main talents in this shoot, but unfortunately not everyone made the final 30 sec cut,
plus among other 60 extra talents you don't get to see much of the main ones either, too bad.
Here I post photos from the wardrobe fitting, I forgot to bring my camera on this shoot, I didn't have the luxury to take pictures anyway (imagine coordinating around 60-70 teenagers).
The style reference is mixing harajuku teens and british street style.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Fashion Illustration 3

This is one of my dossier from ESMOD, we were to design sports wear collection.
So the concept is fun, easy to wear unisex apparel.
We designed some accessories too like digital watch, shoes and sunglasses.

CLEAR TV shoot

This is by far the most tiring and stressful tv shoot I ever went through :p
(considering I've only done 6 tvcs so far)
But also the most fun n exciting too, I get to design funky edgy clothes (thx Bo!!).

Accessories illustrations

Illustrations for Go-Girl website

I was offered to contribute few articles on fashion tips.
And so I did with some illustrations for my themes :)
You can check them out at
actually there are a lot of new uploaded tips, so mines goes aaall the way back :)

Illustrations for Seventeen fashion spread

A favor for my sista :) She wanted sumthin different for her fashion spread.
And so she saw my doodles and we agreed on adding the spring flowery theme
a hint of fairytale look with the animals illustrations.

If only I had more time they would have more details (all were done in only 2 days-1 night),
but they seems okay
enough :p.

Pond's Beautyclass

This is the finalized image for print ad.

They only use the medium close up shot for the print ad :)

Pond's Teen Concert TVC 2

Wardrobe styling for Pond's Teen Concert TVC.
The dress and top for girls were custom designed by me.

Out of the blue doodles

I'm thinking of adding more animals to this series :)