Friday, May 4, 2012


This will probably be the most exciting project I did this year :D
The idea is from JWT team, lead by my dearest friend, about a social project educating women about the need to prevent osteoporosis from early age.
How they approach young women is through fashion and this idea came out, about creating a set of couture looking accessories based on actual bone support items used by those who have problems with bone fractures.
And so they came to me and I was thrilled!! (who wouldn't?)
here's some progress photos and finished items, which were exhibited during Indonesian Fashion Week last March 2012.
With the help of my fellow designer friend Michelle, we did 6 items in total: neck brace, back brace, shoulder support, elbow support, knee support, ankle support, arm support.

 JWT also made an editorial shoot for the accessories, like fashion shoot. You can visit the website to have a better look at Osteocessories and while you're at it, get to know facts about osteoporosis :).
Aside from the accessories, I also direct the video which JWT sent to award shows :)

CLEO fashion feature illustrations

Another commissioned project from CLEO magazine.
I love doing fashion illustrations :)

POND'S facial foam tvc

Here's a cute POND'S tvc I did last year, the set was totally cute, the wall was hand drawn and the colors are all pretty pastels. And following the art direction the styling also looked girlie in pastel hues.
The main talent was Pevita Pearce, she's just lovely and nice :) and so did the other girls.


This YAKULT tvc had a very nice art direction, love the set and the color tones :D
It had a japanese vibe to it, so did the styling.

Coca Cola mini tvc

This was last year's project for Coca Cola tvc.
The look was street-style.

The kids was fun to work with, they have style and attitude on their own, so the clothes pretty much came out looking good on them because they have the attitude to go with it :) I was happy.
The main talent here was Asmiranda (pictured against Coca Cola backdrop).
The set was also very nice for photo shoot :D

CLEO editorial shoot

I was commissioned by CLEO to do an editorial shoot for their anniversary issue :)
The theme was a celebration, so it pretty much came out looking glam with a bit of an edge on the styling. Pretty tiered gown with leather accessories, unique cut on the dress, etc.
This was my first time shooting editorial for magazine, so it was fun doing something besides advertising :)

POND'S White Beauty

Another POND'S shoot, this time with the lovely Sandra Dewi :)
She's so petite in person, beautiful and perfect fair skin! It's not hard dressing her up, she looks good in anything I put her on hehe

A very nice person to work with, very friendly and chatty :D
Here's the final image on the print ads