Tuesday, October 2, 2012

SHARP TVC - Cathy & Julie

This is about the second time I worked with Matt Wilson, it was great working with Matt again.
Talents are 2 beautiful girls, Julie (I've worked with her before for Sunsilk) and Cathy was my first time, both are very cooperative.
They both have 2 set of looks here, one look is the 'glam-life' look and the other one is the 'off camera-at home' look. But still the brief was stylish and high fashion.
Catwalk look is very dramatic, long flowy dresses in soft hues and yet still very sexy.
On their at home scenes is still a semi formal look because they're celebrating.

All clothes are custom made except for Cathy's at home dress,
she wore a blue BCBG mini dress.

Monday, October 1, 2012

POND'S 30 days challenge print ad

Here's a print ad project from POND'S, it's an activation promo print ad.
The brief was a K-Pop teenage look, cute and girlie.
They got 2 pretty young girls as talents, not celebrities.
Although one of the girls is on her way to stardom :p She's a singer and very talented, guess which one hehehe.