Tuesday, March 11, 2014


 Mentari IM3 campaign targeting young consumer, college students and first-jobbers.
This version with Hijab styling is for Aceh

YOUC1000 - Miss Universe 2013 Gabriela Isler

This was my second time working for Miss Universe on YouC1000 tvc.
We had 3 outfit for the 30sec version: A swimsuit, a casual visitation outfit, and she also wore a traditional Pendet dancer costume which I custom made to fit her fabulous figure :)
And for the 15sec version: an elegant evening dress, because client wants her to look a bit more 'pageant' complete with her sash and crown.
I didn't take pictures of her in swimsuit, but you can see it clearly in the tvc.
Gabriela in Pendet costume with extras dancers.
Here is her casual visitation look.
This is her 'pageant' look for the 15sec version with Dr. Edi

TOSHIBA - past projects 2012-2013

Here's some of my past projects for TOSHIBA that I forgot to post, I often forget to ask for the final result, which is not a good habit hehe. All here is for Carissa Puteri 2012-2013.

She was 4 months into pregnancy here, this was the last project I had with her :) TOSHIBA P2300 - 2013


TOSHIBA PB series - 2012
TOSHIBA PB series - Stockshot
TOSHIBA PB series - Stockshot
TOSHIBA PB series - Christmas stockshot

Friday, February 14, 2014

HSBC - Platinum card campaign

Red is the color for this campaign.
HSBC platinum card campaign targeting women, let's dine and shop with style and get rewards for it :p

Red asymmetric mini dress and jumpsuit are custom made, red body-con dress from Zara.

Behind the scenes from the shoot.

Tatler x WWF - Panda Ball

This was Nov 2013, last year, another great opportunity to collab wif Nadya :)
Auntie Ester contacted me on styling for Nadya as she is hosting a charity event for Tatler x WWF, the Panda Ball.
She needed 2 outfit, one casual chic look for the press con and another a formal glam look for hosting the Panda Ball at night.

On the left outfit for press con:
A black knit turtle-neck paired wif a midi parang batik swing skirt from
Part One by Edward Hutabarat and a pair of Gianvito Rossi pumps (her own) and a simple gold bangle.
She did her own make up & hair, pulled back and natural really made this look très chic!
On the right outfit for hosting:
A one shoulder dark blue toga gown wif crystal embellished shoulder from Biyan. Very simple yet elegant.
We had a few options from Biyan, Odang & Tadashi but this one nailed the 'effortless' glam :)
And once again I'm a happy stylist to deliver a happy client, thank you again Nadya & auntie Ester.
Always a pleasure!

I caught her fixing her nail polish :p
She has this air of 'regal' about her.