Thursday, February 25, 2010

LUX-TOSHIBA promo print ad

When I first looked at the lay out and the idea of the print, I knew I had to do this one! creating a dress that resembles or at least create an illusion of water pouring from the bathtub was a challenge!! An exciting one too! wouldn't miss this one for sure :D

And so after doin research on fabric and shapes, here is the sketch I came up with. It's actually a simple empire waist bustier dress, but with heavy layering underneath :p only 2 kinds of fabric used, ombre turquoise chiffon and a 2 tone satin raw silk in similar tone. The dress itself weighed quite heavy, all I know was it takes 2 people to just put the dress on a dummy (my assistant said it was difficult coz it's heavy) hehehe..

Well, the shoot went great! The dress looked great, turned out like what everybody expected :) This is one out of many photos before touch ups.

Here is the final lay out :)
And of course everybody had a great time shooting this :D

Team Lux-Toshiba
Thanks to Mba Gina, Aldie, Wiwied, Shirley and of course Citra my superb ast (too bad she's not in the pic)!