Saturday, September 22, 2012

Vitamin Water TVC

This was last year's project.
First time werkin with Francis Tan :)
We had a couple of different look on fitting, from cute to ravishing to sexy haha
The talent was lovely lovely Salvita De Corte.

In the end it's always client's decision :p
And he likes the ombre blue Herve, sexy look it is.


PONDS Anti Aging print ad

POND'S anti aging print ad - Tamara

PONDS Perfect Match - print ad

Another project with the lovely Sandra :)

the theme was romantic dinner haha, so of course there's a cute guy as her 'boyfriend'!
His name is Delano, very good-looking Dutch :p

and here's the print ad

Sunsilk promo print ad

This is the first time I work with Raisha :)
She's a nice girl, very talented and beautiful voice of course.

It was a very rush project, I had the dress sketched on the initial ppm and sent straight away to the client to get approval at night. The next day material shopping and straight to the tailor, done in 2 days only.

CLEAR double sachet TVC

Working with Sandra Dewi is always a pleasure :)
She carried the dress very well, gorgeous!

Friday, September 21, 2012

CLEO 5th anniversary celebration issue

For their 5th anniversary, CLEO commissioned 8 illustrators to do a 'Birthday Postcard' for them with themes given by CLEO (Cool, Liberated, Energetic, Optimistic).
These illustrations are featured in the magazine, and also on their website which people can download the images as wallpapers.
I get the 'Cool' theme :D

here's a clearer image :)

If you would like to see the other illustrations and download them as wallpapers, go to:

CFA video

Last year CLEO approached me to do a fashion film for them to put up on Jakarta Fashion Week 2011.
The video not only meant for use on JFW alone, but it also has to be like an identity film about the magazine, some sort of 'company profile' so they can also use it for other events aside from JWF.
They want to impersonate CLEO as a modern woman.
And so this is my version of a CLEO woman :)

Special thanks to these people who gave support in the making of this film.
RT Films
CMYK Image Factory
Director: Imelda Untoro
DoP : Ipul & team
Art Director: Imelda Untoro, Dewiyanti Yusup
Offline editor: Cesa David Luckmansyah
Online editor: Ben Sam @ The Cut Shop
Music director: Yudhi Arfani & Iman Fattah
Model: Kemala Putri
Make up: Pingky Olvie
Wardrobe: Imelda Untoro, Margaretha Untoro, Monica Hapsari