Monday, November 5, 2012

Clark+Kensington paint launching event from ACE Hardware

As part of paint launching from ACE, my friend asked me to participate in a live painting performance at ACE Living World. So we were given a few theme options and free to paint anything within the theme we choose with Clark+Kensington paint. The theme I picked was 'Garden'.
We were given a 1,2m x 1,2m canvas as a medium. And so we painted for 2 days, about 5-6 hours each day until finished. It was quite an experience painting in open public space with people watching your every move :p

As it turns out, painting with wall paints wasn't exactly easy or as simple as i thought it would be hahaha, but overall this was a fun experience. Plus we get to bring home a few cans of the paints we use! Yay!
Thank you miss Teresia from ACE for the opportunity.
Thank you Dewi for asking me to join you in this event.
Oh, and dewi is an accomplished illustrator herself, you should really check out her work!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Fashion sketches for presentation material

A while ago I did these simple fashion sketches for a presentation material. It was a fun and pretty much rushed project :)
Everything was done manually with watercolor mixed with permanent marker.

Hair style illustrations for CITA CINTA

This was a project from about half a year ago. CITA CINTA magazine asked me to do illustration on face type and hairstyles for their beauty tips article.

The tips was something like: 'Long face can add bangs, heart face look great with pixie hair, etc'