Saturday, November 13, 2010

POND'S Gold Radiance TVC

Another exciting project, mainly because I get to dress Nadya Hutagalung :D

The first brief was to have a glamour look, but the client wants something more close to reality i.e. a simple dress. So I suggested a short-long light flowy chiffon dress, still have the glamour look but still understated. Just simple draping details, no blings what-so-ever on the dress :)

The director and agency loves the idea of having a soft train on the dress, but client disagree saying it's too much.

But on fitting, the train was still there and at the end when the client sees the result (even when the dress was half done) they decided to keep it, coz it adds a nice elegant flow when she walks.

And so everybody's happy, including me !

Thursday, October 14, 2010

CLEO project

Commissioned project from CLEO magazine
Actually my sister needed help on one of her articles, she didn't want to use photographed clothes and so she felt illustration would look more interesting.
Does the illustration makes the article look interesting, what do you think? :p

SUNSILK co-creation TVC

The sketches
The brief was to do a winter look for a summer ambiance :p
So it had to be very light in terms of fabric and silhouette, had to be somehow breezy but look like it's almost winter.
And so came the simple light dress with the mini open front ruffled trench.
Overall look was feminine.

All the extras had to wear winter clothing too, poor them cause it was quite hot on shoot day.

The beautiful Julie Estelle

Monday, June 14, 2010

POND'S Teen Concert billboard & print ad


The boys from Nidji, they're very particular about how they look, but nice to work with.
By the end of the shoot, they told me they liked the look :)


The girls as groupies hehehe...

Cussons TVC

This was my first time doing 'pregnant' styling with fake boobies and tummy hahaha...
I was pretty much stressed out, trying to get the right tummy dummy, at the end I didn't have enough time to develop a new latex tummy, so David managed to borrow the tummy from a client. Thank God! Phew..
Another thing that stressed me out was the talent, Dinda, very beautiful but also very thin and small. I have to make her look 'full', fake tummy and boobies were just not enough, plus they prefer the dresses to be tight fitting a.k.a body hugging.

So these are the sketches, I need to hid her thin arms and somehow add more 'volume' to her.

This is the beautiful 'expecting mother' Dinda hehehe... well, the dress didn't exactly made her look 'bigger' but it did hid her thin arms and shoulder :) oh! I also need to add fake 'bums' hahaha!!
On this job, Dinda got new tummy, boobies and bums :D

Glam hot mama.

And these are the fabulous miss Malek the art director and miss Di Yee the director.

Soy Joy TVC 'office' part 2

Cinderella, I didn't want to have those balloon sleeves, coz they look so much like Disney, but apparently client insisted on having them.

Sleeping Beauty was pretty much easy, found the right fabric, stretch magenta velvet, just like what I wanted :)

Soy Joy TVC 'office' part 1

I had a really good time doing this job :D
It was very tiring plus it's 3 days shoot and I had another shoot just one day apart from this shoot.
But it's all worth the pain and the energy.
5 princess look from 5 fairytales, I had to re-create 5 princess to look different from Disney's princess (coz of copyright matters), but they still had to look like all those well known Disney princess hahaha! Was quite a challenge but very fun to do :D
Here are the sketches.

My personal favorite is the Mermaid and Snow White outfit :)

Detailing on Ariels costume
first progress
second progress
final look.
I decided to loose the large sea star in the middle coz it kept breaking apart and change it to small ones.

I particularly like the large lace collar on Snow white, that was the hardest part, how to make it stand up and not falling when she moves.

DOVE SisterHood winner ad

The fitting, she was funny, still pretty even though without make up and messy hair hahaha...

The final result.

DOVE SisterHood TVC

Bunda looking radiant in a hot pink sateen chiffon loose top, paired with a high waist mushroom gray trousers.
Plus she has matching CK pointy heels :D

DOVE SisterHood print ad

We actually shot Maia in 3 outfit, one is the pink top from the tvc (I haven't got the file yet) and two freestyle options. Plus they wanted her to have a bit of a glamorous look, quite different from what Dove image look like basically.
So I came up with one teal colored top, all materials have sheen (to add the glam look) and the other one was a bronze top with a more dressy style compared to the teal.

She also had hair styles for each outfit. She looked younger in the teal top with that kind of hair style :)

The shoot.
This bronze top was a bit too small for her, we didn't have fitting coz of her tight schedule and she looked very sexy coz of the low neckline :p Oops!

The final image after touch ups. Glamour Bunda.


I have very little time to do the coat and the dress, was pretty tense :p
Not a single tailor I knew was willing to do the coat (coz of the tight deadline),
Luckily Laxmi were willing to do it (after much persuasion of course!)

Lemon Water Orange Water TVC

Two words for this shoot : Freakin Hot!!!!
It was a complicated job but turned out pretty well.
The siblings are great to work with :)

Thursday, February 25, 2010

LUX-TOSHIBA promo print ad

When I first looked at the lay out and the idea of the print, I knew I had to do this one! creating a dress that resembles or at least create an illusion of water pouring from the bathtub was a challenge!! An exciting one too! wouldn't miss this one for sure :D

And so after doin research on fabric and shapes, here is the sketch I came up with. It's actually a simple empire waist bustier dress, but with heavy layering underneath :p only 2 kinds of fabric used, ombre turquoise chiffon and a 2 tone satin raw silk in similar tone. The dress itself weighed quite heavy, all I know was it takes 2 people to just put the dress on a dummy (my assistant said it was difficult coz it's heavy) hehehe..

Well, the shoot went great! The dress looked great, turned out like what everybody expected :) This is one out of many photos before touch ups.

Here is the final lay out :)
And of course everybody had a great time shooting this :D

Team Lux-Toshiba
Thanks to Mba Gina, Aldie, Wiwied, Shirley and of course Citra my superb ast (too bad she's not in the pic)!