Thursday, December 10, 2009

Here piggy piggy...

These piggies I drew as birthday gifts for my dear friend, Dean.
I made the illustration and then we embroidered the ramen pig onto an apron and the apple pig on the back of a shirt, the nigiri pig was for the birthday card :D
Happy Birthday Dean!!

The birthday boy

POND'S Queen Bee TVC Shoot

These are the original designs that I developed at first.
The idea was not about looking like a british or japanese school girl style,
but instead we opted for a stylish uniform that look like it came down from a runway :)
It's as simple as "A very stylish uniform" that when the teen audience see the ad, we'd like them to think, "I wish my school uniform look like that." Hehehe

But in the end, like always, the client would rather keep it simple and REAL.
So the final uniforms look like this, far from what I expected, but still cute and I guess nicer than the actual uniforms in Indonesia hahaha... :p

This is the set, sooo girlie and PINK!! Designed by my friend Cathy, the art director :)

This is me and Cathy, she was sick at the time :p

Monday, December 7, 2009

POND'S Age Miracle TVC shoot - Donna & Darius version

Sketch and reality

The timeline was tight, so I'm glad the client likes the design and turned out pretty much what we expected (of course with a little bit of revisions here and there) :)

A very loving couple these two :) so sweet...

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Fashion Illustration 8

I was asked to do technical design drawings for a client who is launching a brand for handbags.
The drawings are for them to give to their supplier who make the bags as their guide in sizing and proportion. But since they are also going to put the drawings in their websites, I suggested why not make the drawings more like fashion illustration rather than boring technical drawings. It's nicer to look at and fits the image that they are selling fashion bags :)
They liked the idea and loved the result.
I don't know if they've launch the brand, I'd like to order one :p
My reference for the illustration style is from Eduard Erlikh illustrations
you guys should check out his cool werks!

Friday, November 13, 2009

POND'S 10.000 Faces Day (event)

It's D-day for the girls!!!
They will be announced the winners, so this time I get to do total look from head to toe.
So all the dresses are custom made, the brief was still the same more or less, teen glam,
color scheme are also quite the same, pinkish, pearly white and light gray.
But this time I added more rhinestones and crystals application to emphasize the glam look even more.

POND'S 10.000 faces winner billboard

These are my sketches. For this project I combined pieces I found off-the-rack with my own design,
since the overall color tone are soft hues like pink, pearly white, sparkly light gray
and I couldn't find a lot of those in nice designs from off-the-rack :)
The one on the far left and in the middle I found off-the-rack, the rest are my own design.

The brief was teen glam look, which suites the girls since they're only 14 - 19 yo,
young and girlie but with a touch of glam.


custom made brooches for the shoot.

pearl application on ruffles edges,
kinda look like flower petals with dew drops :)

Ruffles with bubble hem finishing.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Fashion Illustrations 7

I'm currently doing this skeleton figurine as a series :)
Some of the clothes are from designers, the ones that I personally like of course,

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Buavita TVC

This is my first TV shoot as wardrobe stylist :)
The first director who had the guts to hire me was Lukitasari.
I was a new stylist with no experience at all on TV production, just recently resigned from agency with only a few photo shoot jobs as a stylist.
It was a great learning and thank you so much Luk for daring to hire me! hahahaha

Pond's Teen Concert TVC 1

There were 12 main talents in this shoot, but unfortunately not everyone made the final 30 sec cut,
plus among other 60 extra talents you don't get to see much of the main ones either, too bad.
Here I post photos from the wardrobe fitting, I forgot to bring my camera on this shoot, I didn't have the luxury to take pictures anyway (imagine coordinating around 60-70 teenagers).
The style reference is mixing harajuku teens and british street style.