Thursday, December 10, 2009

POND'S Queen Bee TVC Shoot

These are the original designs that I developed at first.
The idea was not about looking like a british or japanese school girl style,
but instead we opted for a stylish uniform that look like it came down from a runway :)
It's as simple as "A very stylish uniform" that when the teen audience see the ad, we'd like them to think, "I wish my school uniform look like that." Hehehe

But in the end, like always, the client would rather keep it simple and REAL.
So the final uniforms look like this, far from what I expected, but still cute and I guess nicer than the actual uniforms in Indonesia hahaha... :p

This is the set, sooo girlie and PINK!! Designed by my friend Cathy, the art director :)

This is me and Cathy, she was sick at the time :p

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