Friday, November 13, 2009

POND'S 10.000 Faces Day (event)

It's D-day for the girls!!!
They will be announced the winners, so this time I get to do total look from head to toe.
So all the dresses are custom made, the brief was still the same more or less, teen glam,
color scheme are also quite the same, pinkish, pearly white and light gray.
But this time I added more rhinestones and crystals application to emphasize the glam look even more.


  1. heeeee ini semua trus dijahit sendiri Mel? sugoiiii :D the one-shoulder-dress is my fav! ^^ *yang dipake sama cewe berponi lucu itu* hehehe

  2. bukan gw yg jahit sih, ada tukang, gw cuma ngasi desain ma supervisi aja :p arigatouuu gw jg suka yg itu hahaha