Friday, November 13, 2009

POND'S 10.000 faces winner billboard

These are my sketches. For this project I combined pieces I found off-the-rack with my own design,
since the overall color tone are soft hues like pink, pearly white, sparkly light gray
and I couldn't find a lot of those in nice designs from off-the-rack :)
The one on the far left and in the middle I found off-the-rack, the rest are my own design.

The brief was teen glam look, which suites the girls since they're only 14 - 19 yo,
young and girlie but with a touch of glam.


custom made brooches for the shoot.

pearl application on ruffles edges,
kinda look like flower petals with dew drops :)

Ruffles with bubble hem finishing.

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