Monday, June 14, 2010

Cussons TVC

This was my first time doing 'pregnant' styling with fake boobies and tummy hahaha...
I was pretty much stressed out, trying to get the right tummy dummy, at the end I didn't have enough time to develop a new latex tummy, so David managed to borrow the tummy from a client. Thank God! Phew..
Another thing that stressed me out was the talent, Dinda, very beautiful but also very thin and small. I have to make her look 'full', fake tummy and boobies were just not enough, plus they prefer the dresses to be tight fitting a.k.a body hugging.

So these are the sketches, I need to hid her thin arms and somehow add more 'volume' to her.

This is the beautiful 'expecting mother' Dinda hehehe... well, the dress didn't exactly made her look 'bigger' but it did hid her thin arms and shoulder :) oh! I also need to add fake 'bums' hahaha!!
On this job, Dinda got new tummy, boobies and bums :D

Glam hot mama.

And these are the fabulous miss Malek the art director and miss Di Yee the director.

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