Monday, June 14, 2010

DOVE SisterHood print ad

We actually shot Maia in 3 outfit, one is the pink top from the tvc (I haven't got the file yet) and two freestyle options. Plus they wanted her to have a bit of a glamorous look, quite different from what Dove image look like basically.
So I came up with one teal colored top, all materials have sheen (to add the glam look) and the other one was a bronze top with a more dressy style compared to the teal.

She also had hair styles for each outfit. She looked younger in the teal top with that kind of hair style :)

The shoot.
This bronze top was a bit too small for her, we didn't have fitting coz of her tight schedule and she looked very sexy coz of the low neckline :p Oops!

The final image after touch ups. Glamour Bunda.

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