Monday, June 14, 2010

Soy Joy TVC 'office' part 1

I had a really good time doing this job :D
It was very tiring plus it's 3 days shoot and I had another shoot just one day apart from this shoot.
But it's all worth the pain and the energy.
5 princess look from 5 fairytales, I had to re-create 5 princess to look different from Disney's princess (coz of copyright matters), but they still had to look like all those well known Disney princess hahaha! Was quite a challenge but very fun to do :D
Here are the sketches.

My personal favorite is the Mermaid and Snow White outfit :)

Detailing on Ariels costume
first progress
second progress
final look.
I decided to loose the large sea star in the middle coz it kept breaking apart and change it to small ones.

I particularly like the large lace collar on Snow white, that was the hardest part, how to make it stand up and not falling when she moves.

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  1. wah ini stylist nya lo yah Mel ternyata :D kerennnn....aku paling suka jasmine :D sama kostumnya ariel padahal lucu yang ada bintang laut gede nya yahh >.< sayang gak berhasil yah